Profiles of Americans with Disabilities at EPA: Christopher Emanuel

Profiles of Members of Americans with Disabilities at EPA

Picture of a man smiling.Christopher Emanuel,
EEO Manager/Disability Employment Program
U.S. EPA, Office of Civil Rights
Office of the Administrator

Where were you born?

Harlem, New York

What is your highest level of education? What was your major?

I received dual degrees from the University of Southern California in International Relations and Public Policy and Business Management.

What brought you to EPA?

I am the current National Program Manager for Persons with Disabilities. I have served 15 years at the Environmental Protection Agency, 8 of those year as the National Program Manager for Persons with Disabilities. I served as a Pass Board of Trustee Member for two colleges – Crafton Hills College, and San Bernardino Valley College in California, where I have worked closely on disability policies and issues for those institutions. I had the opportunity to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show as a guest to discuss an “Affirmative Action and Reverse Discrimination” Case in 1995. In that same year, I had the pleasure of being a participant on an education roundtable with President Bill Clinton in 1995 to discuss education policy for Community Colleges. I have worked periodically on an inter-agency collaboration with the Department of Justice as an accessibility and accommodations tester. In this capacity, I was sent to hotels and restaurants throughout New York, Philadelphia and Washington to ensure that public accommodations are accessible to patrons with disabilities. I’m a CSPAN junkie, so I really like national and international politics and economics, as well as good books and interesting lectures. I love history, really enjoy reading about the accomplishment of individuals, and events that happened in the past eras. I believe that there’s a lot that can be learned from the experiences of others in history. On the lighter side, I also enjoy model trains, different cultures/languages and a good physical workout to keep the mind and body in shape.

What are your words of wisdom for other disabled individuals who might be interested in pursuing a career in environmental science?

Always continue to pursue your goals and your dreams no matter how many times you fall or life shuts the door on you. Always know that there is a great power working than yourself, you just need to believe and tap into it. Never give up!

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