Presidential Management Fellows Program at EPA

Presidential Management Fellows (PMFs) at EPA have additional opportunities beyond their regular job, including rotations, training sessions, and participating in mentoring programs. EPA offices, both in headquarters and in the Regions, are excellent locations for PMF finalists to be introduced to federal employment. Your home office within the Agency plays a primary role in your professional development, particularly in offering training and other professional development opportunities. You keep track of your accomplishments and goals through an Individual Development Plan (IDP).

  • Rotations: By participating in a rotation at EPA, PMFs can gain regulatory experience, work in an innovative partnership program, or learn about a program function from another perspective. PMFs can rotate to offices at headquarters, in Regions, and even at other federal agencies. Rotational opportunities can be created internally by EPA executives who seek a PMF to fill a position or participate on a project. Alternately, if a PMF has interest in a certain office or Region, it is sometimes possible to contact that office and work with the Human Resources department there to connect your interests with the appropriate manager. You may be able to create a rotation directly with that manager. The duration of rotations at EPA vary from office to office. Learn more about rotations on

  • Training: Contact your office's human resources department for information on training opportunities.

  • Mentors: EPA Presidential Management Fellows who participate in a mentoring relationship will be afforded many benefits, including:

    • Fellows will be provided opportunities to receive directional and motivational counseling and guidance to enhance their proficiency, which can support their career development and professional growth.
    • The Fellow is provided with a role model, guide, and sounding board. The fellow can learn from example, express new ideas, or vent frustrations depending on the nature of the relationship.
    • Mentoring provides an excellent chance to improve communication skills, self-development, and career growth planning.

    EPA PMFs interested in finding a mentor should speak with their supervisors in their home office or, in the event that the PMF's supervisor cannot locate a mentor, with the EPA PMF Coordinator.
  • Individual Development Plans (IDPs): During your first year as a Presidential Management Fellow, you are likely to have many questions about your individual position, and where to go to get information specific to PMFs. PMFs must create and keep up to date an IDP, a personalized document that organizes the goals and accomplishments of your fellowship and that you will continuously update during the entire two year program. It serves as a reference point for you and your mentor or manager as you chart your tasks, trainings, and successful endeavors. As a new PMF, you may not be sure what goals are. The best information available for PMFs who are not sure of their goals or what is available to them is from a mentor or a PMF graduate. This person may be both, but mentors who were not PMFs are available and more than willing to assist you with questions. Learn more about IDPs on

For more information about EPA's PMF Program, please contact the EPA PMF Coordinator.