National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Americans with Disabilities at EPA

In the United States, National Disability Employment Awareness Month is observed during the month of October to honor the contributions of Americans with disabilities to our nation.

At EPA, we are highlighting some of our employees with disabilities who contribute daily to our mission of protecting human health and the environment. We appreciate their efforts in responding to the many environmental challenges we face.

We hope that these profiles will serve as an inspiration to others who are interested in protecting our planet.

Together, we can work to make a difference in our communities to achieve a healthier and more sustainable environment for all today and for future generations.

Profiles of featured EPA employees with disabilities: 

Westley Foster, EPA Tribal Coordinator
Indian General Assistance Program
EPA Region 10

I am a Tribal Coordinator in EPA’s Region 10. Read more about Westley Foster.

Picture of westley standing on the top of a mountain.

Amanda Sweda, National Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator

I serve as the Agency’s National Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator (NRAC). Read more about Amanda Sweda.

Picture of a amanda smiling.

Anthony Napoli, MPA
Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator
Diversity, Recruitment, and Employee Services Division

I assist the agency as one of the National Diversity & Inclusion coordinators to strengthen diversity, inclusion and equal employment opportunity activities and programs. Read more about Anthony Napoli.

Picture of a man smiling.

Christopher Emanuel, EEO Manager/Disability Employment Program

I am the current National Program Manager for Persons with Disabilities. Read more about Christopher Emanuel.

Picture of a man smiling.

Elizabeth “Jo” Klein, Oak Ridge Associated Universities Student Service Contractor

I’m a student services contractor with the Epidemiology Branch. Read more about Elizabeth “Jo” Klein.

Picture of a smiling women.

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