Internships and Fellowships for Law Students and Recent Law School Grads

Unlike almost all other EPA jobs, attorney jobs do not need to be published on To maximize your chances of finding out about all EPA legal internship opportunities, you should:

  • review the information available from the links below,
  • check with your law school careers office since they may know of paid and/or unpaid opportunities at EPA offices other than those described on the links below, and
  • check periodically.

All positions advertised through are paid. With respect to the links below, if information about a specific program does not indicate that it offers paid positions, assume the positions are unpaid/volunteer. Don't hesitate to ask, however; a program may be able to pay a stipend even if it has not been able to do so in the past.

Opportunities in Washington, D.C.

Opportunities in Our Regional Offices around the Nation