How to Apply: What to Expect After You Submit Your Application

Virtually all EPA jobs, including paid internships, are posted online through You can use USAJobs to upload your resume, browse open EPA positions, and apply for jobs across the United States.

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  1. You might have submitted your application at the beginning of the period during which the announcement is listed on USAJobs (the "Open Period"). Open periods typically last from two weeks to a month. Your application will not start being reviewed before the end of the open period.

  2. Once the Open Period is over, a Human Resources Officer will begin reviewing your application to determine if you meet the qualification requirements outlined.

  3. Assuming your application shows that you meet the minimum qualifications, that specialist will then review your application to determine if you are among the “qualified” or “best qualified” candidates. Sometimes this can take a few days, or a few weeks, depending on the number of applications received.

  4. Once the “best qualified” candidates are identified, the Human Resources Officer prepares a list of eligible candidates called a "Certificate of Eligibility" and sends it to the manager who is looking to hire. This is often referred to as "creating a cert."

  5. The manager will then review the applications and determine who among the “best qualified” will be interviewed.

  6. The manager then schedules and conducts interviews, completes reference checks, and makes a final selection.

  7. Steps 1-6 take time -- it may be weeks or months from the time a position is advertised to when a selection is made. Don’t be deterred by this. Ask questions and keep in touch with the Human Resources Officer named in the job listing during the application process.