Clean Air Act Advisory Committee (CAAAC)

Mobile Sources Technical Review Subcommittee (MSTRS) of the CAAAC

The Subcommittee provides the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee (CAAAC) with independent advice, counsel and recommendations on the scientific and technical aspects of programs related to mobile source air pollution and motor fuels. Through its various workgroups, the MSTRS addresses a wide range of developments, issues and research areas such as emissions modeling, air toxics, innovative and incentive based transportation policies, on-board diagnostics, heavy-duty engines and reformulated gasoline.

The MSTRS is composed of approximately 30 technical experts drawn from a wide range of stakeholder organizations. Included on the roster are individuals from the automotive industry (vehicles, engines and components), energy companies, academia, public interest groups, and state/regional/local governments. As a result of the workgroup structure employed to address specific areas, almost 60 people are involved in the work of this subcommittee.

Meetings of the full subcommittee are held biannually. Workgroups may meet several times per year in addition to the full subcommittee meetings. Since its formation in 1996, the MSTRS has presented several major reports and recommendations to the CAAAC which, in turn, have been forwarded to the Agency for its consideration and action.

Current MSTRS Membership List

About the Ports Initiative

MOVES Model Review Workgroup

Contact Information

Gay MacGregor
Senior Policy Advisor
Transportation and Regional Programs Division
US Environmental Protection Agency

Mr. Drew Kodjak
Executive Director
International Council on Clean Transportation
Washington, DC

Technical Staff Contact
Courtney McCubbin
Office of Transportation and Air Quality
US Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. (6401A)
Washington, D.C. 20460
Tel: (202) 564-2436
Fax: (202) 564-1177

Upcoming Meetings

To be determined.

Recent Meetings

October 18, 2016
June 16, 2016
December 3, 2015
May 5, 2015
December 9, 2014
May 7, 2014
Chicago, IL
March 3, 2014
October 29, 2013
Washington, DC
December 13, 2012
Washington, DC
April 19, 2012
Washington, DC