Search Air Permit Policy & Guidance Databases

Since 1978, EPA has provided guidance to Regions, States and Permittees to assist in the implementation of its Clean Air Act permitting programs. This page provides the ability to search almost 1,500 documents by keyword or phrase. You can select one or more individual compilations or search all. See "Search Tips" below for suggestions on how to build your query.

Many documents in the database are a scanned or retyped version of a paper photocopy of the original. We have taken considerable effort to quality assure the documents, but some may contain typographical errors. You will need Adobe Reader to view the files on this page. See EPA’s About PDF page to learn more.

Search areas:

 NSR Policy & Guidance Database
 Title V Policy & Guidance Database
 Title V Petition Database

You can also view each of the document compilations above in sortable, filterable tables.

Search Tips

By default, a search locates documents containing words in the exact order they are typed. When you want documents containing any of several words, use commas to separate them.

For example, searching for:

1) operating permit

will find documents that contain the phrase operating permit.

2) operating, permit

will find documents that contain either operating or permit.

3) operating and permit

will find documents that contain both operating and permit, but not in any particular order.