Environmental Justice in Permitting for EPA's New England Region

EPA's New England Region (Region 1) serves Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and 10 Tribal Nations

EPA has issued two documents outlining the first steps the Agency is taking to consider Environmental Justice and to engage overburdened communities in the permitting process. The first document is EPA Actions document which identifies activities and approaches to promote public involvement by overburdened communities in the permitting process, particularly for major permitted activities that may significantly impact these communities. The second document is Promising Practices for Permit Applicants. This document encourages permit applicants operating or proposing to operate facilities in overburden communities to strategically plan and conduct enhanced outreach during the permitting process. In addition to these documents, each region has developed an implementation plan to explain how it will encourage meaningful engagement of such communities on EPA-issued permits. Listed below is information you might find useful regarding Environmental Justice Permitting Plan in Region 1.