Clean Air Act Permitting in Michigan

Clean Air Act permitting in Michigan is the responsibility of the Air Quality Division of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).

Responsible Area
Statewide, except in Indian Country, where EPA Region 5 is the permitting authority.

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Air Quality Division Exit
Air Quality Division
P.O. Box 30260
Lansing, MI 48909-7760
(517) 284-6793


(Permits to Install/New Source Review)
Annette Switzer
(517) 284-6803

(Renewable Operating Permits/Title V)
Heidi Hollenbach
(616) 356-6803

EPA Contacts
Constantine Blathras
(312) 886-0671

Beth Valenziano
(312) 886-2703

Air Permitting Information
State-issued Title V Permits
MDEQ Air Permits System Exit
MDEQ Air Pollution Control Rules Exit

Federal Construction Permit Authority
Approved State Implementation Plan

Federal Operating Permit Authority
Approval status for operating permit programs Exit

Title V Program Documents
Title V Program Approval History
Michigan Title V Program Evaluation - Oct. 20, 2015

Construction Permit Program Documents
Construction Permit Program Approval History
Michigan NSR Program Evaluation - March 11, 2016