Board of Scientific Counselors (BOSC)

Air, Climate, and Energy BOSC Subcommittee

Designated Federal Official

Tim Benner (
Office of Science Policy
Office of Research and Development


Viney Aneja
Department of Marine, Earth and
Atmospheric Sciences
North Carolina State University

Vice Chair

Sandra Smith
Principal Toxicologist/Project Manager
Remediation Division


Jeffrey Richard Arnold
Senior Scientist
United States Army Corps of Engineers
University of Washington
College of the Environment

Elena S. Craft
Senior Health Scientist
Environmental Defense Fund

Charlette A. Geffen
Atmospheric Sciences and Global Change Division
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Donna M. Kenski
Director of Data Analysis
Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium

Patrick Kinney
Professor of Environmental Health Sciences
Director, Columbia Climate and Health Program
Mailman School of Public Health
Columbia University

Myron J. Mitchell
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Department of Environmental and Forest Biology
State University of New York

Louie Rivers III
Assistant Professor
Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources
North Carolina State University

Constance L. Senior
Vice President of Technology
ADA-ES, Inc.

Art Werner
Senior Principal Scientist
AMEC Environmental & Infrastructure

Jinhua Zhao
Professor, Economics
Dept. of Economics
Michigan State University