Board of Scientific Counselors (BOSC)

About BOSC Subcommittees

BOSC subcommittees support the Executive Committee by providing expert review and advice for any purpose consistent with the BOSC's charter. These subcommittees cannot work independently of the chartered Executive Committee, and must report their recommendations and advice to the BOSC for full deliberation and discussion. Subcommittees have no authority to make decisions on behalf of the BOSC, nor can they report directly to ORD.

Members of the BOSC subcommittees constitute a distinguished body of scientists and engineers who are recognized experts in their respective fields. These individuals are drawn from institutions such as academia, industry/business, federal, state and local governments, non-governmental and environmental organizations, research laboratories, and other relevant entities.

All BOSC members are special government employees and therefore must not possess conflicts of interest, or have an appearance of not being able to provide impartial advice. Therefore, all members must comply with annual ethics reporting and training requirements.