Border 2020

Border 2020 Partners

Although Border 2020 is overseen and administered by EPA and SEMARNAT, all program activities are selected and implemented by coordinating bodies with full consideration of relevant activities implemented by other institutions (e.g., BECC and NADBank) and the advice provided by the Good Neighbor Environmental Board (GNEB), SEMARNAT’s Advisory Council for Sustainable Development (CCDS) and many other organizations. These organizations represent a broad spectrum of programs and perspectives from governmental, non-governmental, academic, and private sectors. Representatives of these organizations participate actively in the work of Border 2020 coordinating bodies, and they provide valuable context for Border 2020 activities.

In addition, Border 2020 aims to maintain a close partnership with institutions such as BECC and NADBank to more effectively maximize and leverage technical and institutional expertise towards supporting the Border 2020 goals and objectives. Border 2020 Program partners may seek BECC/NADBank project assistance covering a wide range of areas which may include: technical, programmatic and implementation assistance.

State Partners

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ADEQ - Arizona Dept. of Environmental Quality
Lead: Edna Mendoza (

CALEPA - California Environmental Protection Agency
Lead: Matthew Rodriquez (
Alejandro Rodarte (

CDPH-COBBHCalifornia Department of Public Health's 
California Office of Binational Border Health

Lead: April Fernandez

NMED - New Mexico Environment Department
Lead: Thomas Ruiz (

TCEQ - Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Lead: Steve Niemeyer (

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