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BMDS Resources

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BMDS Wizard Resources

  • Additional resources are the Microsoft Excel-based BMDS WizardExit and DRAGONExit software products developed by ICF International. The BMDS Wizard simplifies BMD modeling by providing a structured interface to maintain all inputs, outputs, and decisions made in the BMD modeling process. DRAGON facilitates managing a large database of experimental study information, including study selection, endpoint selection, dosimetry conversions, and BMD modeling results. The BMDS Wizard (and its PDF-based user reference guide) is included as part of the BMDS install package. The BMDS Quick Start Guide includes hands-on basic instruction for using the BMDS Wizard.

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PROAST Dose-Response Modeling Software

Another resource for dose-response modeling is the PROASTExit software developed by the Netherlands' National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). PROAST requires R or S-plus to run, but has some advantages over BMDS, including the ability to include covariatesHelpcovariateAn independent variable other than dose that may influence the outcome of an effect, e.g., age, body weight, or polymorphism. in an analysis. The USEPA and RIVM are working together to achieve consistency between the BMDS and PROAST software packages.

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