Benefits Mapping and Analysis Program (BenMAP)

BenMAP-CE Training Materials

Are you interested in learning more about how to operate the BenMAP-CE program? A variety of training resources are available, including self-paced exercises, online interactive modules and instructor-led training:

  • BenMAP Quick Start Guide (For International Use) (zip)(10 MB, Sept 28, 2010)  - this zip file links to the International Quick-Start guide that will walk you through the basic steps of configuring and running the tool with pre-formatted data. While this International Quick-Start guide was designed for BenMAP v4, users operating BenMAP-CE may still find this information useful. The file contains both an instructional guide as well as all of the data that you need to get up and running.
  • The U.S. EPA Air Pollution Training Institute  Exithosts BenMAP-CE training modules cover topics including:
    • the basics of benefits analysis;
    • how to select and configure air quality data;
    • calculating health impacts using concentration-response relationships;
    • aggregating and valuing estimates;
    • reporting results.
  • The U.S. EPA periodically hosts instructor-led training classes. The next scheduled class will be held at the Molina Center in Santiago Chile in April of 2015. If you are interested in attending this free training session, please Contact Us.