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Bed Bug Information Clearinghouse

The information on these pages is intended to help states, communities, and consumers in efforts to prevent and control bed bug infestations. We want you to get the best information that’s available, so on this page you will find bed bug outreach materials from a variety of sources.

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How we choose what to include in the clearinghouse

The Bed Bug Information Clearinghouse currently includes only material from:

  • Federal agencies.
  • State and local governments.
  • Extension services.
  • Universities.

When reviewing material for inclusion in the Clearinghouse, we consider:

  • The accuracy of information.
  • The discussion on pesticides.
  • The appropriateness for the audience.
  • How well the information is communicated, i.e., clarity of language, graphics, layout.

If you would like us to consider including your material in the Bed Bug Information Clearinghouse, please email Claire Gesalman (

Many of the materials referenced are copyrighted and as such may not be altered or modified. If you are interested in modifying the bed bug item for local, tailored use (such as by inserting contact information), contact the author for permission and an editable version.

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