Beach Sanitary Surveys: Examples of TMDL and Shellfish Sanitary Surveys

Sanitary surveys are also used for other, non-beach programs.

  • San Diego Region—Bacteria TMDL
  • Lake Michigan—Bacteria TMDL
  • Grays Harbor, WA—Bacteria TMDL
  • New Jersey—Ten Total Maximum Daily Loads for Total Coliform to Address Shellfish-Impaired Waters in Watershed Management Area 16 Atlantic Coastal Water Region
  • Conducting a Shoreline Survey (Maine Guidelines)
  • Discovery Bay, WA—2003 Shoreline Survey of the Discovery Bay Shellfish Growing Area
  • Holmes Harbor, WA—Sanitary Survey of Holmes Harbor
  • Brigantine/Spray Beach, NJ—Sanitary Survey Shellfish Growing Area 46-47: Brigantine to Spray Beach 1992-1997
Picture of shoreline

Comparison table of TMDL reports and shoreline/sanitary surveys