Public Service Announcements and Multimedia Resources for Asthma

EPA is committed to raising public awareness of asthma and environmental factors that can affect asthma. 

EPA Asthma Public Service Announcements

All current EPA asthma multimedia materials are available here for viewing and listening.

Copies of these materials are available at no cost. To order, visit EPA's Indoor Environments Media Campaigns website. Exit 

Multimedia Resources

To help spread the word about asthma and environmental management of common asthma triggers, EPA has developed multimedia materials that are available at no cost.

Miss the May 30th Google+ Hangout with NHLBI (in partnership with the CDC, EPA, and Impact DC)? Listen to a discussion/insights into the strides we're making to reduce the burden of asthma.(00:36:00)

Asthma Can Be Tackled: Chris Draft, Former NFL Linebacker

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Breathing Freely: Controlling Asthma Triggers Video

Featuring conversations with medical professionals and parents of children with asthma, this video presents the role of the environment in triggering and worsening asthma attacks and offers ways to manage asthma to help children lead normal, healthy lives.

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