Assessing and Managing Chemicals under TSCA

Electronic Reporting Requirements for Certain Information under the Toxic Substances Control Act

On December 4, 2013 EPA finalized a rule to require electronic reporting of certain information submitted to the Agency under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The final rule follows two previous rules requiring similar electronic reporting of information submitted to EPA (for TSCA Chemical Data Reporting and for Pre-Manufacture Notifications), and is intended to save time, improve data quality and increase efficiency.

Specifically, the final rule requires electronic submission of data and other information for:

  • TSCA section 4 test rules,
  • TSCA section 5 Notices of Commencement of Manufacture or Import ("NOCs") and support documents relating to section 5 notices sent to EPA before April 6, 2010,
  • TSCA section 8(a) Preliminary Assessment Information Rule (PAIR) submissions, and
  • TSCA section 8(d) health and safety studies.

Submitters will be required to use EPA’s Central Data Exchange (CDX), the Agency's electronic reporting site. Learn more about CDX.

Learn more about electronic data reporting under TSCA:

How to report electronically

Under the final rule, submitters are required to:

Note: Users who have previously registered with CDX to submit data under TSCA section 5 or for the Toxics Release Inventory TRI-ME Program are able to add "Submission for Chemical Safety and Pesticide Program (CSPP)" to their current registration.

This reporting tool is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX based computers, and uses "Extensible Markup Language" (XML) specifications for efficient data transmission across the Internet.

Data subject to electronic reporting

Under the final rule, electronic reporting is required for the following information:

Section 4 Test Rules

  • Study plans
  • Study results
  • Letters of intent to conduct testing
  • Extension requests
  • Modification requests
  • Exemption requests
  • Hearing requests
  • Dioxins/Furans Report Form (PDF)

Section 4 Enforceable Consent Agreements (ECAs)

  • Study plans
  • Reports
  • Modification of study plans
  • Modification of test schedules

Section 5 Notices of Commencement of Manufacture or Import ("NOCs") and support documents relating to TSCA section 5 Notices sent to EPA before April 6, 2010

  • Correspondence
  • Amendments
  • Test data

Section 8(a) Preliminary Assessment Information (PAIR)

Section 8(d) Health and Safety Studies

  • Full study reports
  • Ongoing studies
  • Initiated studies
  • Robust summaries
  • Studies previously sent to other federal agencies without confidentiality claims
  • Requests for extension of time
  • Requests for withdrawal of a chemical from a rule

Additional resources

CDX Registration Process

CSPP User Guides

CSPP Webinar Materials

December 12, 2013, EPA presented a webinar of the TSCA section 4 and 8 reporting. See the slide presentation (PDF).

December 5, 2012, EPA presented a webinar of on the enhanced CDX registration website and process. See the slide presentation (PDF)

Help with CDX and the CISS Reporting Tool:

  • If you have technical issues or problems regarding the CISS reporting tool or CDX registration, please contact the CDX Help Desk at or 888-890-1995.
  • For general questions on TSCA reporting, contact the TSCA hotline at 202-554-1404 or e-mail International callers who wish to contact the Help Desk should call 970-494-5500.
  • If you have programmatic questions about EPA's TSCA e-reporting requirements, please contact Katherine Sleasman at 202-564-7716 or e-mail