AQS User Registration

The AQS application is designed for personnel who provide data from their federal, state, local, or tribal agency to the EPA and for those using that data to perform analysis of that data.  Gopher is an ad hoc query tool set up to work with the AQS database. 

Before using the AQS application or Gopher with AQS, users must register with the EPA.  Users responsible for inserting, updating and deleting data in the AQS database must be granted specific rights. Those wishing to retrieve data directly from the AQS database must also register with the EPA.

Steps to register:

  1. Registrants:  Complete the User Section of the AQS User Registration. (Registrants may also complete fields in other sections if those values are known.)  The form may be completed online and then printed, or printed and completed by hand.  In either case, it must be printed and signed at the User Signature before sending it to the next contact.
  2. Registrants:  Read the AQS User Security Guidelines. Print and sign the signature page included in that document.
  3. Registrants:  Mail or FAX both pages (the completed registration form and the Security signature page) to the recognized AQS contact within the user's agency.
  4. Agency AQS Contact:  Complete the Agency Section, sign and date the form. If the agency needs State or Tribal approval, mail or FAX both pages to the appropriate state/tribe.  If Tribal approval is not needed, mail or FAX both sheets to EPA, NADG (919) 541-7674 or via email to
  5. State/Tribe AQS Contact:  If this section is required, sign and date the registration form.  Mail or FAX both sheets to EPA, NADG (919) 541-7674 or via email to
  6. EPA, NADG: Will contact the EPA Regional AQS Contact to validate and process the request.

EPA staff and contractors not working under an EPA Region, should complete the registration form and mail or FAX both pages (the completed registration form and the Security page) to EPA, NADG (919) 541-7674.

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