AQS Transaction Generator

The AQS QA Transaction Generator is a tool that facilitates the creation of QA Transactions that are submitted to AQS. The elements that make up the transaction are verified against AQS data and business rules to ensure the transaction is valid upon submittal. 

QA Transaction Generator is now built using a universal model and will run on either the 32 bit version or the 64 bit version of Windows.

Download the AQS QA Transaction Generator: aqsqatransactiongenerator(1 pg, 21 MB, 12/07/2016)

Installation instructions:
You will be prompted to 'Open' or 'Save', select 'Save'. Once the download completes open the folder that you saved the zip file to. Right click on the zip file, at the popup menu select 'Winzip', from there select 'Unzip to here'. After unzipping the installation files launch 'setup.exe' to install the AQS QA Transaction Generator. Click the 'Install' button. The setup program will install a shortcut on your desktop and automatically launch the AQS QA Transaction Generator after the install has completed.