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AQS Update for Jan. 31,2014

AQS Patch Description
AQS Patch Schedule


AQS Status Update for June 28, 2013

To all AQS Users
Technical Note - POC 6-28-13
QA Data Input Formats


In preparation for the new AQS Data Certification Report, a new monitor agency role of “CERTIFYING” has been created. This role specifies the agency that is responsible for certifying the monitor’s data. The certifying agency role has been initially populated based upon EPA Regional Office input. The following spreadsheets show the initial assignments made based upon Regional Office comment.

Count of Monitors by PQAO
Monitors without Certifying Agency
1-31-13 ENSC Changes
12-14-12 Security Changes (update)
AQS software deployment schedule for 2013
AQS conference information
Standard Reports - how you are notified if your report fails to run
Additional Report Entries under "Retrieve Reports" tab
PM NAAQS and Impacts on AQS
10-01-12 Reversal of July 23, 2012 change to Ozone 8-Hour Design Value Calculations

Change of standard units & removal of 1/2 MDL substitution & PM10 specified metals

2-28-11 Addendum to Negative Values
1-14-11 Wind Speed and Wind Direction Parameter Name Change
1-11-11 NO2 and SO2 NAAQS Revisions to AQS (Additions to Phase I) - standard units fo NO2 and SO2 related parameters changed to PPB
10-15-10 Software Release Notes for NO2 and SO2 NAAQS revisions to AQS (Phase I)
5-14-10 Revised Software release Notes for May 14, 2010
3-19-09 Non Regulatory Monitor Type Guidance
10-08-08 Tribal Reporting to AQS
12-18-07 E-Mail: Instructions for Adding Exceptional Event Comments to Flags
3-9-07 AQS Geospatial Doc