Hands-on Activities and Other Resources on Air Quality and Climate Change for Teachers

EPA researchers participate in educational outreach to schools, museums, and other locations to teach children about air quality and climate change research that EPA and partners conduct to protect the air we breathe and provide the knowledge and scientific tools to respond to a changing climate. As part of the outreach, researchers have developed several hands-on activities for teachers and others to use in the classroom and other educational settings.

EPA's Science Bite Podcast featured these outreach tools in "You be the Scientist! Hands-on Environmental Education".

Air sensor kit

Particulate Matter (PM) Air Sensor Kits

Particle pollution, known as particulate matter (PM), is one of the major air pollutants regulated by EPA to protect public health and the environment. A PM air sensor kit has been developed by EPA researchers as an educational tool to teach children about air quality and air science.

A guide has been developed that includes the following information:
People playing the Generate! board game. Photo credit: Dana Haine

Generate! Game

An interactive board game developed by EPA scientists called Generate! enables players to explore energy choices and the environment and gets students “energized” in some friendly competition. The game is a teaching tool that can be used to understand the costs and benefits of the energy choices we make; find out what happens if the mix of energy sources changes in the future and learn what energy choices mean for our climate, air, water, and overall environmental quality.

Make your own Generate! Game: