Communicating Instantaneous Air Quality Data: Pilot Project

EPA is launching a pilot project to test a new tool for making instantaneous outdoor air quality data useful for the public. The new “sensor scale” is designed to be used with air quality sensors that provide data in short time increments – often as little as one minute. EPA developed the scale to help people understand the 1-minute data the stations provide and how to use those data as an additional tool for planning outdoor activities.

EPA is testing the scale using data from the community-based Village Green stations, which provide 1-minute ozone and particle pollution data for seven U.S. cities. We’re seeking feedback through the end of August.

Once the pilot is complete, EPA will make any necessary improvements to the scale and messages and determine our next steps. Our goal is to make the scale available for use with other sensors later in 2016. Read the documents below to learn more, and send us feedback.

FAQs: Pilot “Sensor Scale” Project to Communicate Instantaneous Air Quality Data

Provide Feedback

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