Air Emissions Inventories

Emissions Inventory System (EIS) Gateway

The EIS Gateway, the first component of the Emissions Inventory System (EIS), was developed to provide registered EPA, State, local and Tribal users with access to emissions inventory data.  Registered EPA, State, local and Tribal users can access facility inventory and emissions data for sources in their jurisdiction.  

The EIS Gateway allows users to manage their profile information to:

  • add, view and edit facility inventory information for their agency;
  • extract data by running reports;
  • access reporting codes and;
  • request support from the EPA through a central message center.

For EPA, State, Local, and Tribal users who want access to the EIS Gateway, follow the steps outlined in the EIS Users Manual found at How Do I Request Access to the EIS GAteway.  ONLY EPA staff, State, local and Tribal agency staff will be provided access to the EIS Gateway.  For EPA, State, local and Tribal users who already have a User ID and Password, you can access the EIS Gateway at

If your password is invalid or has expired, you can reset it at the EPA Portal.

If you are having problems submitting through the CDX node to EIS, contact the Node Help Desk at (888)-890-1995.

EIS User's Manual

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