Air Emissions Inventories

Air Emissions Points of Contact

Points of Contact
Name  Email  Responsibilities
Rich Mason NEI Team Lead, RWC, Nonpoint ICI Fuel Combustion, and Nonpoint Mercury sectors
Sally Dombrowski EIS, Submissions, Reports, Training
Ron Ryan All Point sectors except Airports and Rail Yards
Laurel Driver All Onroad and Nonroad Mobile sources, including Point and Nonpoint Airports, Rail Yards, Commercial Marine Vessels and Rail
Rhonda Thompson

Ag Fertilizer and all Dust sectors:  Tilling, Livestock, Construction, Paved and Unpaved Roads, and Mining and Quarrying

Tesh Rao Agricultural Fires and Events (Wildfires and Prescribed Burning), Livestock Waste, Emissions Inventory Conference Technical Chair
Jennifer Snyder All remaining Nonpoint sectors, including Commercial Cooking, Oil and Gas, and Solvents
Julia Gamas Emissions Inventory Guidance
Josh Drukenbrod Emissions trends
Kim Paylor Emissions Inventory Conference Coordinator and Website Development and Maintenance

For questions or information regarding air emissions factors for criteria and hazardous air pollutants, contact

For questions regarding greenhous gas inventories, see the EPA's Climate Change website.

If you have a specific air quality problem or complaint, see the Report Environmental Violations website to contact the EPA.