About EPA

Organization Chart for EPA's National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory (NHEERL)

Office of Director

William H. Benson
Acting Lab Director

Kay Holt
Deputy Director

William Russo
Senior Advisor to the Director

William S. Fisher
Acting Associate Director for Ecology

Ronald N. Hines
Associate Director for Health

Communications and Outreach

Marjorie C. Jones

Dan Coberly

Program Operations Staff

Jeff Sutton, Director

Research Planning and Coordination Staff

Kathryn Saterson
Acting Director

Lisa Baxter
Assistant Lab Director for ACE

Marc Russell
Acting Assistant Lab Director for SHC

Barb Walton
Assistant Lab Director for Emerging Issues, Reg Support

Brenda Rashleigh
Assistant Lab Director for SSWR

Joe Tietge
Assistant Lab Director for CSS

Atlantic Ecology Division

Wayne Munns, Director

  • Program Operations
    Peter Celone, Associate Director
  • Monitoring and Assessment Branch
    Tim Gleason, Chief
  • Habitat Effects Branch
    Marnita M. Chintala, Chief
  • Watershed Diagnostics Branch
    Glen B. Thursby, Chief
  • Population Ecology Branch
    Barbara Bergen, Acting Chief 

Environmental Public Health Division

Wayne Cascio, Director

  • Clinical Research Branch
    David Diaz-Sanchez, Chief
  • Epidemiology Branch
    Tim Wade, Chief
  • Cardiopulmonary & Immunotoxicology Branch
    Ian Gilmour, Chief
  • Inhalation Toxicology Facilities Branch
    Mark Higuchi, Chief

Gulf Ecology Division

Susan George, Director

  • Program Operations
    John Macauley, Associate Director
  • Biological Effects and Population Response Branch
    Susan Yee, Acting Chief
  • Ecosystem Assessment Branch
    Lisa M. Smith, Acting Chief
  • Ecosystem Dynamics and Effects Branch
    Stephanie Friedman, Acting Chief

Integrated Systems Toxicology Division

Director to be determined

  • Systems Biology Branch
    Edward S. Hunter, Chief
  • Genetic & Cellular Toxicology Branch
    Stephanie Padilla, Chief
  • Carcinogenesis Branch
    Jeffrey Ross, Chief
  • Pharmacokinetics Branch
    Jane E. Simmons, Chief

Mid-Continent Ecology Division

Dale Hoff, Director

  • Program Operations
    Mary Hautajarvi, Associate Director
  • Systems Toxicology Branch
    Sigmund Degitz, Acting Chief
  • Watersheds and Water Resources Branch
    David Bolgrien, Acting Chief
  • Ecosystem Services Branch
    Theodore Angradi, Acting Chief
  • Translational Toxicology Branch
    David MountActing Chief
  • Large Lakes and Rivers Forecasting Research Branch
    Russell G. Kreis, Chief

Toxicity Assessment Division

John M. Rogers, Director

  • Neurotoxicology Branch
    David W. Herr, Chief
  • Reproductive Toxicology Branch
    Vickie S. Wilson, Chief
  • Developmental Toxicology Branch
    Chris S. Lau, Chief
  • Endocrine Toxicology Branch
    Tammy Stoker, Chief

Western Ecology Division

Alan Thornhill, Director

  • Program Operations
    Thomas Connolly, Associate Director
  • Freshwater Ecology Branch
    Paul Ringold, Acting Chief
  • Pacific Coastal Ecology Branch
    Ted Dewitt, Acting Chief
  • Ecological Effects Branch
    Paul Mayer, Chief

Research Cores Unit

Russell Owen, Director