About EPA

Organization Chart for EPA's National Exposure Research Laboratory (NERL)

Program Operations Staff

Van Anderson

Communications and Outreach

Emily Smith
Lead Public Affairs Specialist

SHEM & Facilities Staff

Todd Baker
Acting Director

Office of Director

Jennifer Orme-Zavaleta

Timothy Watkins
Deputy Director

Annette Guiseppi-Elie
Associate Director for Exposure Science

Andy Gillespie
Associate Director for Ecology

Research Program Development & Integration Staff

David Kryak

Gayle Hagler
Interim Assistant Lab Director for ACE

John Kenneke
Assistant Lab Director for CSS

Jennifer Cashdollar Assistant Lab Director for SHC

Ann Grimm
Assistant Lab Director for SSWR

Quality Assurance

Michelle Henderson
Director of Quality Assurance

Exposure Methods & Measurements

Tim Buckley

Tom Behymer
Deputy Director

Air Quality Branch

Surender Kaushik, Branch Chief

Environmental Chemistry Branch

Tammy Jones-Lepp, Branch Chief

Public Health Chemistry Branch

Myriam Medina-Vera, Branch Chief

Internal Exposure Indicators Branch

Adam Biales, Branch Chief

Microbial Exposure Branch

Kevin Oshima, Interim Branch Chief

Sensing & Spatial Analysis Branch

Chandra Giri, Branch Chief

Computational Exposure Division

Lindsay Stanek
Interim Director

Gerald Brunson
Deputy Director

Atmospheric Model Development Branch

Jonathan Pleim, Branch Chief

Atmospheric Model Application & Analysis Branch

Shawn Roselle, Branch Chief

Human Exposure & Dose Modeling Branch

Peter Egeghy, Branch Chief

Watershed Exposure Branch

John Johnston, Branch Chief

Systems Exposure Division

Jay Garland

Ardra Morgan
Deputy Director

Ecological & Human Community Analysis Branch

Mike McDonald, Branch Chief

Ecosystem Integrity Branch

Brent Johnson, Branch Chief

Environmental Futures Analysis Branch

Valerie Garcia, Branch Chief

Integrated Environmental Modeling Branch

Caroline Stevens, Interim Branch Chief