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Acting Regional Administrator for EPA's South Central Region (Region 6)

Samuel Coleman, P.E.

Samuel ColemanSamuel Coleman Samuel (Sam) Coleman is the Acting Regional Administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 6 in Dallas, Texas.

Samuel Coleman brings decades of EPA experience and leadership, from leading hazardous waste clean-ups and emergency response missions to directing Region 6 enforcement activities.

Mr. Coleman held several positions at EPA prior to his current position, including Deputy Regional Administrator in Region 6,  Director of the Superfund Division in Region 6, Director of the Compliance Assurance and Enforcement Division in Region 6 and Deputy Director of the Office of Site Remediation Enforcement at EPA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

He guided EPA's response to Hurricane Katrina as the agency's senior federal official in New Orleans, leading EPA's emergency response and recovery missions. For these efforts, Sam was awarded a Meritorious Presidential Rank Award in 2009.

Sam has provided extraordinary leadership in cleaning up contaminated sites, from massive, complex efforts such as Tar Creek in Picher, Oklahoma, which holds millions of cubic yards of hazardous mining waste, as well as dozens of brownfields redevelopment sites across Region 6. By working with local, state, and tribal partners to clean up hazardous waste, Sam and his teams have improved the quality of life and brought economic development to communities throughout Region 6.