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About the Office of Administrative and Executive Services (OAES)

What We Do

OAES is the centralized management component supporting the programs and personnel within the Office of the Administrator. OAES plans, manages, and reports results associated with:

  • human resources and organizational development;
  • budget formulation and execution;
  • continuity of operations;
  • information technology management and security; and
  • systems and process development

in support of the Agency’s core mission.

OAES’ Major Work

OAES is responsible for the following in the Office of the Administrator (AO):

  • Preparation of budget documents, operating plans and supporting justifications for all resource decisions;
  • Preparation and planning of studies to assess resource requirements;
  • Oversight of AO’s Working Capital Fund;
  • Assistance in developing and implementing automated resource and tracking systems;
  • SharePoint and Lotus Notes Database development;
  • Preparation of organizational, administrative and personnel materials;
  • Preparation and tracking of payroll, travel and procurement actions;
  • Audit coordination and tracking;
  • Coordination and oversight of facilities, space, and property management services.
  • IT Security; and
  • Continuity of Operations Program (COOP).
  • Special Projects Management and Execution

Mail code: 1104A | EPA mailing addresses
Location: EPA Headquarters at Washington, D.C. Federal Triangle campus

OAES Organization

Reginald E. Allen, Director

Twanna Lesperance, Administrative/Management Chief

Glen Cuscino, Resources Management Chief

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