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About the National Exposure Research Laboratory (NERL): Exposure Methods and Measurement Division (EMMD)

What We Do

The Exposure Methods and Measurement Division (EMMD) provides the science that underlies the measurement of environmental stressors and their interaction with biological systems. This science includes method development, evaluation, and field and laboratory testing. These measurement methods are foundational to the Agency’s regulatory programs and stakeholder needs in protecting public health and the environment. EMMD scientists:

  • Develop methods for measuring stressors (positive or negative) in environmental and biological media
    • Stressors include chemical, biological, physical, and psychosocial
  • Design and conduct measurement-based studies (field and laboratory) to identify sources (forensics), inform fate and transport processes, and estimate exposure and dose for ecological and human receptors
  • Are critical collaborators in providing measurements for:
    • Exposure classification in epidemiologic studies
    • Exposure in the context of risk assessment
    • Dose estimation for environmentally relevant toxicological studies
    • EPA Program and Regional Offices, who serve public and stakeholder needs

Programs and projects managed by the Exposure Methods and Measurement Division (EMMD):


Tim Buckley, Director