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About the Gulf of Mexico Program (GMP)

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EPA's Gulf of Mexico Program (GMP) serves to protect, maintain, and restore the health and productivity of the Gulf of Mexico in ways consistent with the economic well-being of the Gulf region. The office's principles include:

  • committing to voluntary, non-regulatory solutions
  • taking action based on sound scientific and technical information working with partners and the public
  • identifying priority areas and actions through state and coastal community leadership; and
  • providing federal leadership in research, monitoring, scientific analysis, and financial resources to support state and community action.

Since its inception in 1988, GMP has developed multiple jurisdictional agreements with federal and state partners as well as international partners.  With the cooperation of its partners, the GMP successfully implements and funds projects that lead to a thriving ecosystem.  The projects center on:

  • Improving and/or restoring water and habitat quality to meet water quality standards in watersheds throughout the five Gulf States and the Mississippi River Basin.
  • Promoting and supporting environmental education and outreach to the inhabitants of the Gulf of Mexico watershed.
  • Strengthening community resilience by promoting and supporting environmental education and outreach to the general public and vulnerable communities.
  • Protecting, enhancing or restoring coastal and upland habitats within the Gulf of Mexico watershed.

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