About EPA

About the Director of EPA's Science Advisory Board Staff Office

Christopher Zarba

Chris has held a number of management and leadership positions in EPA over the past 30 years in:

  • the Office of Research and Development,
  • the Office of Water,
  • the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (now the Office of Land and Emergency Management), and
  • the Office of the Administrator,

including serving as Chief Scientist aboard EPA Ocean Survey Vessel Anderson. Chris has played leading roles in agency efforts to respond to 9/11, hurricanes Rita/Katrina, and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. In addition, on a number of occasions, Chris has served as an EPA lead to help foreign governments develop environmental programs of their own. More recently Chris has held the positions of:

  • Director of EPA's Science Advisory Board
  • Director and Deputy Director, National Center for Environmental Research
  • Chief of Staff, Office of Research and Development
  • Director, Health and Ecological Criteria Division, Office of Water