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About the Acting Assistant Administrator of EPA's Office of Administration and Resources Management

Donna Vizian

Donna Vizian, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office of Administration and Resources ManagementDonna Vizian

Ms. Vizian is the Assistant Administrator for the Office of Administration and Resources Management (OARM). She also served as OARM's Acting Assistant Administrator from February 2016 to November 2016, and as OARM's Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator. Ms. Vizian manages essential support functions, including human resources management, diversity and inclusion, acquisition (contracts), grants management, and the protection of EPA’s facilities and other critical assets nationwide. In this capacity, she oversaw the implementation of a Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program, a First Line Supervisors Network and a Phased Retirement policy, and led space reduction, telework, grants and contracts management initiatives.

Before coming to EPA Headquarters, she spent 27 years in Region 2, where she was most recently the Assistant Regional Administrator. In this capacity, she oversaw the management operations of the region. She also served as the Regional Comptroller, managing a staff of 29 and an operating budget of approximately $800 million. Ms. Vizian managed the region’s grants and contracts program while maintaining successful relationships with congressional staff, state environmental officials, headquarters, regions, grant recipients, and the general public.

Ms. Vizian has also served as Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator for Management in the Office of Research and Development, where she represented ORD's Assistant Administrator on all management, administrative, and financial functions, to ensure ethical, efficient, and effective fiscal and resource management accountability. She oversaw the operations of over 1,800 FTE and 14 facilities.

Ms. Vizian received a Bachelors of Science in Biochemical Engineering from the Rutgers University College of Engineering.