P3 Student Design Competition

P3 Application Overview

Where to Apply

Applications for EPA's P3 Phase I grant award should be submitted using the application package available at Grants.gov. If you do not have the technical capabilities to use the Grants.gov application process, there are directions to obtain alternative submission instructions in the solicitation.

Summary of the Application Materials

  • Application for Federal Assistance (SF 424)
  • EPA Key Contacts Form 5700-54. If Key Contacts Continuation pages are needed, download pages and place them before the Table of Contents (Section IV.B.3.). Funding Opportunities: How to Apply and Required Forms 
  • Project Narrative
    • Table of Contents
    • Abstract P3 Abstract Format and Keywords (PDF) (4 pp, 23K)
    • Research Plan (remember, there is a 12-pp length limit!)
    • References
    • Budget
      • We are required to request your budget on the SF-424A Budget Information for Non-Construction Programs form. But, you only need to complete Section B-Budget Categories. Use only the budget categories listed in a.-l. under 6. Object Class Categories, and enter your budget in column (1).
    • Budget Justification
      • Present the justification using the budget categories in Section B of the SF-424A form.
    • Resumes (limit each to 1-2 pp max!)
    • Current and Pending Support
    • Letters of Intent/Letter of Support of this solicitation

With the exception of the current and pending support form, all necessary forms are included in the electronic application package at grants.gov or can be downloaded off of EPA's Research Grants website. Funding Opportunities: How to Apply and Required Forms.

Important Note:

Be sure to read Section E. Submission Instructions for Phase I Applications and Other Submission Requirements of the 2017 P3 solicitation in its entirety before attempting an electronic submission through Grants.gov.